Volunteer with your Putnam Land Conservancy

Office Work

Historical Research

Volunteers will use libraries, local archives, and the internet to construct local histories of PLC properties and the County. Research the rail line, witness trees, tourism, local logging, turpentine, agricultural and fisheries practices. Volunteers will also work to obtain high-resolution copies of old photos, in addition to printed and digital copies of relevant documents.

Stewardship Work

Design and Planning

Volunteers will work on GPS mapping of acquired properties, forest management, trail design and construction, placement of signage, scientific data collection, educational programs and outings.

Ecological Monitoring

Volunteers will gather data related to the presence and location of onsite native and invasive species to facilitate management goals. Documentation of rare and endangered flora and fauna, ecological zones, and assess management practices.

Trail Maintenance

Volunteers will help create, install, and maintain appropriate signage and monitor trails for public safety concerns such as: leaning trees, downed trees, or anything out of the ordinary. They will pick up trash and clear light debris such as fallen limbs from trails, and trim back over hanging debris as needed. Additional opportunities include light outdoor carpentry for footbridges and kiosks, painting and signage placement.

Committee Work

Project Committee volunteers assist in identifying new opportunities around the community for conservation efforts, assist in development and implementation of management plans for PLC properties. Assist in identifying sources of grant funding and grant writing. Work includes generating necessary documentation, maps and reference materials for submission to funding sources.

Fundraising Committee volunteers assist in networking, promoting and implementation of planned event related activities. Volunteers may work with musicians, vendors, local business sponsors, or other contacts within the community.

Finance Committee volunteers provide good fiscal direction and advice as to how best to manage the organizations limited financial resources for the long-term operation of the organization and its acquired resources.

Help with an Event

PLC Fundraising Events

Work with committee members by networking with local organizations, businesses and community contacts. Work on the logistical organization for the day of the upcoming event. On event day, select an area with which you would like to assist: youth related activities, information services at PLC table, recycling detail, set up and take down, or assist musicians and other guests. Opportunities to contribute your skills and talents abound.

Volunteer Outreach Opportunities

Volunteers are an important link between our organization and the public. Consider manning a table at a local event, such as: arts festivals, education days, and farmer’s markets. Volunteers should be dedicated to learning about PLC’s mission, history, and current projects.