Conserving Land and Water for People and Wildlife

We promote stewardship of land, through action and education.

Our Putnam County

Putnam County is one of the last Edens in the state, abundant in woods, forests, fields, farms, lakes, wetlands, and wildlife. These natural resources, together with new road-building projects, put our county under great development pressure.

Development does not pay for itself. Rather, overdevelopment in other parts of Florida has led to higher taxes, gridlocked traffic, devastated agriculture, water shortages, pollution, and habitat loss for fish and wildlife.

Instead, preserving natural resources and native habitat increases the desirability and thus the tax base of a region. Wouldn’t you pay more to live next to park land than next to a factory?

Of course, as Florida naturalist Archie Carr wrote years ago, we save what we love. Many of us grew up in this county on farms, by lakes, or in woods our families worked, loved, and conserved over generations. This personal relationship with place has given many of us an enduring bond with our Putnam County and a committment to protect its integrity and beauty.

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Our Mission

Putnam Land Conservancy (PLC) is a regional, nonprofit Florida land trust dedicated to working cooperatively with landowners and public and private conservation partners to preserve and protect important natural areas and open spaces– including wetlands and waters, forests and farmlands, and environmentally significant habitats–for this and future generations. PLC focuses on Putnam County, but our range of activity comprises the tri-county (Putnam-Alachua-Clay) region.

PLC secures land through gifts and bequests, land donation, direct purchase, and conservation easements. By these means we aim to enable landowners to safeguard in perpetuity the places that define the special character of our region.

PLC also promotes stewardship of land, through action and education, both for restoration and the maintenance of ecosystem integrity. At present, PLC is negotiating with the Florida Department of Transportation to hopefully develop a sound plan for the expansion of SR 20 between Hawthorne and Interlachen that will preserve, if not enhance, the rare pitcher plant bog, Fowler’s Prairie, that stretches out on either side of the thoroughfare.

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